Altar Servers

Though not exclusively a youth ministry, our servers’ guild comprises of young people. We belong to the Diocese of Johannesburg servers’ guild.

God our Father,
Your Son showed us how much He loves us,
When He gave us the sacrament of His body and blood;
We thank You for the privilege of serving at this altar,
We ask You to join our prayers to His,
and to make us strong Christians in our daily lives,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord,

Parish Ministers

Parish ministers assist in the service of Holy Communion, or in any other service, at the request of the Priest. Duties include reading the scriptures and leading prayers that are not reserved for the ordained ministry and assisting in the administration of Holy Communion. They also perform other pastoral duties, not reserved for the ordained ministry, as the Bishop may determine.

Sacristan and altar preparation duties

We do not have a dedicated group of sacristans nor an altar guild. However, Parish Ministers and the AWF take care of all the necessary preparation of the sacred vessels for the celebration of the Eucharist. They prepare Eucharistic elements, trim and change the candles and do all laundry pertaining to the Eucharist.