Mothers’ Union (MU)

The Mothers’ Union is composed of mature women, who meet every Thursday for Eucharist, prayer and bible study. Their aim is the advancement of the Christian religion in the sphere of marriage and family life. As a world world-wide society, they seek to live out the following five objects; to:

  • uphold Christ’s teaching on the nature of marriage and to promote its wider understanding
  • encourage parents to bring up their children in the faith and life of the church
  • maintain a world-wide fellowship of Christians united in prayer, worship and service
  • promote conditions in society favourable to stable family life and the protection of children
  • help those whose family life has met with adversity

Membership is open to all those who have been baptised in the name of the Holy Trinity and intend to support, work towards, and uphold the above objects.

St Mary’s Guild & St Agnes’ Guild

These are two different girl and young women’s groups who have dedicated they lives to God and living by Mary Magdalene ways and teachings. As a norm in our parish, these two guilds operate under the tutelage and guidance of the Mothers’ Union. They are as a norm

  • St Agnes- the guild composed of 10 to 18 years old girls who have only been baptised and are Eucharistic communicants
  • St Marys – this is a girl and young women’s guild between the ages of 19-30 years old. Who, as with St Agnes guild have been confirmed and are members of the Church in good standing and are Eucharistic communicants.

Anglican Women’s Federation (AWF)

The AWF is a body open to all persons 18 years of age and over in the worship of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa and shall be bound by the Constitution and Canons of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. The motto is “United in prayer, Service and Love.”

Aims and objectives:

  • Promote and further the life of the Church in all spheres
  • Participate as much as possible in ecumenical activities
  • Co-operate and maintain good relations with all welfare organisations with particular emphasis on the aims:
  • Prayer and Worship
  • Mission and Witness
  • Fellowship and Study
  • Service and Stewardship

Girl and Boys Friendly Society (GBFS)

GBFS is a worldwide organisation within the Anglican Communion. It provides ministries in a safe and accepting environment where Christ’s love is evident and the Gospel is proclaimed. Initially formed to empowers girls and young women, encouraging them to develop their full potential through programs that provide training, confidence building, and other educational opportunities, today there is a growing male membership in some countries. Girls and boys Friendly Society is one of the fastest growing young people societies in the Anglican Church in Africa, and across the world. The objectives of the GBFS are:

  • To give praise to God by bringing girls and boys to the true fellowship in the church,
  • To help girls and boys in the knowledge and love of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • To help those who because of little knowledge, found themselves involved in bad ways and situations
  • To give girls and boys broader knowledge about Holy Scriptures so as to withstand the hectic arguments that threatens the Christian faith.

St Bernard Mizeki Men Guild (BMMG)

The BMMG is a guild made up of men and women over the age of 18 baptised and confirmed. Their aim of BMMG is to preach the Gospel and the Lordship of Christ above all creation.

The objectives of BMMG are:

  • To promote and encourage the participant and nurturing of men’s leadership in the life of the Church.
  • To proclaim the Kingdom of God as manifested in Jesus Christ by:
    • Encouraging the participant and nurturing of boys in the life of the Church;
    • Encouraging Bible Studies and Faith sharing
    • Practicing Stewardship
    • Doing visitations, seeking out the sick and practicing the ministry of healing
    • Being involved in the affairs of the community:
    • Promoting fellowship amongst the people:
    • Imitating Christ daily
  • Men’s Forum
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