Revd. Fr. Mpole Samuel Masemola

Sc. (Wits), B A Honour (Wits), M.Phil. (Oslo)

Rector: Christ the King Church, Sophiatown

I grew up in Seshego in Limpopo where I did my schooling until matric. My home parish was St Matthew’s Church, where I first sensed a call to ordained ministry, though I studied others disciplines before I could follow my call. There, at St Mathew’s Church, I had the opportunity of speaking to my respective rectors about my call and was inspired and shaped by their ministry.

My personal qualifications include three degrees in religion & theology, international health, and human biology. In addition, my experience is wide, with key achievements as a priest and chaplain in the Anglican dioceses of Christ the King, Europe, Johannesburg, and in the Church of Norway and in the global Anglican mission as a global council member of the USPG (United Society Partners in the Gospel).

I am personally guided as a priest by Jeremiah 29:7 – to thoughtfully and practically seek the welfare (that is; their conviviality, peace and prosperity) of the environment and church where God places me, to pray for them, for in their welfare I will find my welfare.

My churchmanship and theology are incarnational and Anglo-Catholic and, while broad, are heavily influenced by Catholic and Eastern & Oriental Orthodox Churches. I find that my role as rector of Christ the King, Sophiatown allows for a healthy room to bring all of my skills and my spirituality to bear on ministries that seek to reinvent the parish’s rich history and witness for our present context.

I have also worked in the corporate private sector as a managing editor for academic journals, lectured and tutored at universities in South Africa and Norway. My person and technical skills, and the positive impact they make are something I am proud of. I am a collaborative, empowering, programmatic leader and an excellent communicator and teacher. I also have proven abilities to raise the generative capabilities and visionary acuity of persons so that they can take clear ownership of their shared lives and organisations while ensuring good governance and delivering on high fiduciary expectations.


Reverend Father Samuel Masemola

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The Honourable Reverend Dr Patrick Matolengwe

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