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With the exception of Easter Sunday, the baptisms take place in the form of a children-focused liturgy.

Application for Baptism

An interview should be arranged through the parish office before any other arrangements are made. In the case of children, a parent’s or guardian’s communicant membership of Christ the King, Sophiatown is required, as we take Baptism seriously and want you to be regular worshipers with us. In the case of adult candidates, we encourage them to consider Confirmation. Their own personal membership and attendance is required. New members should be willing to allow time for us to get to know you before finalising a baptism date.

Baptism Preparation

The Baptism course consists of six 1-hour sessions, held on Sundays after church. The sessions comprise an outline of the Anglican Church, a look at the life and ministry of Jesus, the Creed and basics of our Christian faith, the importance of belonging to the Christian family, the meaning of Baptism, and going through the Baptism service.

Parents of the child being baptised must attend all six sessions. Adult candidates are encouraged to take the adult Confirmation program. Godparents should attend the last session, if possible, but are more than welcome to attend the whole course. The sessions run from 09h30 to 10h30, and are aimed at answering any questions you may have.

Please contact the Church Office on 011 477 8410 if you’d like more information or would like to arrange an interview